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Add a profile pic to my forum username

Since HeartSupport uses a WordPress plugin for it’s forums it’s quite simple to add a photo and edit your profile information.  Each person becomes a WordPress “subscriber” to, therefore if you are already a Wordpress user you can simply log into the forums using your email address and log-in information.

If You’ve Registered Already for the Forums (And want to add a profile photo):

1.  Go to

2.  To sign-up and get an avatar (photo), use the email address you used to sign up for the forums on and choose a password.

3.  Upload a photo of your choosing (all inappropriate images and users will have their IP address banned.  You will be warned once)

4.  Gravatar will link to your account you signed up for on and add it!

5.  To edit profile information, simply click on the “Howdy, ________” in the upper right-hand corner of and choose “Edit My Profile”

6.  You’re done!