Thursday 24th April 2014,

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It’s My Fault That…

“How can you trust him?” Chris asked, hesitating on my proposition. He had been burned one too many times in the past, which cooked a skeptical crust that shielded his gooey insides. “He’s not that kind of a guy, dude. [...]

February 10, 2014 Abuse, forgiveness

Your Relationship is Your Problem

As I head towards the three year mark in my marriage, I hope I’m beginning to become fairly well-versed in the art of a relationship. Relationships are composed of many unique and personal issues, but there are also very broad [...]

February 7, 2014 forgiveness, Friendship, God, Grace, Relationships

Depression Isn’t Tangible But Neither is the Solution.

Part of depression is not being willing to forgive. It may be someone who hurt you that you are unwilling to forgive. Maybe you did something and aren’t willing to forgive yourself. But it takes strength to be willing to [...]

October 11, 2013 forgiveness, God, Insecurity, Lies, Love, Suffering, Suicide

Save Sorrow for the Souls in Doubt

I am very much familiar with the feeling of letting go of control, and letting God take over. So, I wanted to share my story with you. But buckle up, its long. I came to know Christ when I was [...]

September 9, 2013 forgiveness, God, hope, Pain, Suffering
Guest Blogger

Just Breathe – My Road to Grace

Depression. Anxiety. PTSD. Bipolar. All terms I have heard in the last year as people try to explain what’s wrong with me. I’m 21 and just now receiving the help I needed 6 years ago. I started cutting when I [...]

June 10, 2013 Blog, forgiveness, Guest Blog, Honesty, hope, Pain, Women
Jake Luhrs Bio

Dedication or an addiction?

Are you dedicated to your craft or consumed by addiction?   I’m just starting to realize that what a lot of people call their “career” “passion” or “desire” can often times be an unknown addiction in their heart, but no one seems [...]

May 9, 2013 Addiction, advice, Community, forgiveness, God, Grief, Honesty
Jake Luhrs Bio

Everyone is going to fail you. It’s impossible for them not to.

Everyone is going to fail you. It’s impossible for them not to. The problem with trust is when you trust someone thinking they won’t ever jeopardize that trust. It is completely IMPOSSIBLE for you to not have heartache in a [...]

December 2, 2012 advice, Blog, Dating, forgiveness, God, Relationships, Uncategorized
Ben Sledge Bio

The Line Between the Pig Trough and Pouting

Attention! This is a follow up blog to answer questions raised by the post “The Biggest Lie I’ve Ever Heard“.   “Christian simply means condemnation” My friend Sandy tells me this calmly as he sips coffee and I rub my [...]

September 26, 2012 Blog, forgiveness, Grace, Honesty, Lies, Love
Kris Luhrs Bio

“It is finished.”

As we wrap up this month’s topics on forgiveness, I felt that there was an unreached area of this subject and desired to address it. This blog is about forgiveness, but also about unforgiveness.   First, I’ll address forgiveness. Unforgiveness [...]

July 1, 2012 Blog, forgiveness, Uncategorized
Guest Blogger

Forgiveness is a never ending struggle and you can’t escape that.

You have to admit, most of the time you read or hear a story about forgiveness, it seems as if the person who forgave the other person did it in a few days, months or some other short amount of [...]

June 30, 2012 Blog, forgiveness, Guest Blog, Uncategorized