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Sincerely, Freedom

Watch this. Have your mind blown.   PLEASE  Share this! On Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Wherever. Especially if you’ve ever struggled with this addiction. Our good friends and sister ministry XXXchurch produced this video and we want to help get the word out [...]

April 26, 2013 Addiction, God, Grace, Honesty, hope, Lies, Pornography
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Facing the Addictive Vice Grip

Recently, I did something that could very well re-direct the course of my life. What is it you ask? Well I got some accountability software on my computer from XXX Church (called X3 Watch Pro). It safeguards me from viewing [...]

April 19, 2013 Addiction, Blog, Guest Blog, Honesty
Guest Blogger

Perspectives: Porn and Perfection

Guest Blog from Nathaniel Hilpert January 18th, 2011. This was it. What I’m about to share with you was the breaking point. An intolerance of the oppression and a declaration of war. This was the first day of the next [...]

April 3, 2012 Blog, Uncategorized
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Pornography Stats & Facts

“Nearly all men who view pornography use it as the stimulus for masturbation. As a result they frequently suffer feelings of guilt, shame, regret and humiliation. Many men become addicted to pornography and lose their freedom. They feel trapped, out [...]

November 25, 2011 Blog, Uncategorized
Kris Luhrs Bio

Playboy and People’s Magazine

The Heart Support team decided that this month’s topic should be lust. At first, I felt that I couldn’t contribute in a sense, but then I realized it was important for a female’s voice to weigh in here. (Just to [...]

November 18, 2011 Blog, Uncategorized
Tim Collins Bio

The War on Lust

For many of us, lust begins to creep into our lives at a very young age. For me, I remember the feeling of lust begin in the third grade. A kid on my bus brought his father’s Playboy with him [...]

November 15, 2011 Blog, Uncategorized
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Sarah Hall Guest Blog on Lust

As a woman, most people would look at me and never think that LUST was a issue ever in my life. My freshman year, I came into school with a “good girl” image that I never wanted to destroy, I [...]

November 10, 2011 Blog, Guest Blog, Uncategorized
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Questions Of A Convicted Sinner

“Questions Of A Convicted Sinner” Written by: Drew Tilley Seconds, enjoy it while it lasts.  New direction, it’s what you promise yourself right after.  But how many times have you broken and remade this proclamation that you’re gonna change?  A [...]

November 1, 2011 Blog, Guest Blog, Uncategorized